Usually a Instrumentation Cluster Includes Speedometer, Tachometer, Trip Odometer, Voltmeter, Oil Pressure, Analog Clock, Temperature Gauge And Warning Lights and is a main control panel in the car.

Instrument clusters provide the driver with instant, accurate information about the vehicle, speed, engine revolutions, water temperature and fuel level from the sensors that detect the status of the vehicle to the instruments that convey the information to the driver. With the approach of ITS, automobile instruments are being coupled with data communications and safety display functions. Consequently, the instrument panel is evolving into a more advanced information display system, and is becoming the interface between passengers and the machine.

Instrument cluster problems can happen to your car and still not cause the entire dashboard to be inoperable. It is a good idea to have this problem repaired, however, since you never know what problems can arise because of the initial trouble. The best way to figure out any problems in regards to instrument clusters is to have a mechanic look at your car.


  • Dark, Intermittent, Smoking, Burning Smell, Missing Sections, Odometer is Dark, Missing Segments or displays "Error".
  • Odometer does not work or stuck in trip or odometer mode. Speedometer started getting flakey.
  • Analog odometer does not work. No or intermittent compass, driver information center. Boost, fuel and oil pressure gauges intermittent.
  • Intermittent operation of trip/fuel computer section of cluster. There may be dashes in the display rather than the normal characters
  • No gauges, clock works OK. May have failed after battery charge or jump start. OR intermittent operation; gauges go dead and indicator lamps flash while using turn signals.
  • Erratic indication of the water temperature and flashing of the lighting behind the trip computer.

As with many parts and tools that you will need in order to repair your own car you, can buy these products online. It is a good idea to confirm with the person selling the equipment exactly what the make and model of your car is. It is also a good thing to remember that, in a few cars, if the instrument clusters are not working then your car will not function either.

In any vehicle, drivers get up-to-the-minute information from its instrument clusters: how fast it's moving, how much fuel is in the tank, how hot the engine is, and so on. A typical instrument cluster consists of a clock (digital or analog), odometer (trip and overall mileage), oil pressure, speedometer, temperature gauge, tachometer, voltmeter, and warning lights.

As intelligent transport systems (ITS) continue to move from dream to reality, many of today's instruments are being combined with upgraded safety display functions and data communications. As a result, instrument panels are also becoming more advanced, serving as the interface between the vehicle and its passengers.

When you experience a problem within your automobile's instrument cluster, you may still enjoy functionality of the majority of its components. However, we strongly recommend that you have the problem fixed, due to subsequent issues that can arise from the initial faulty component. Your best bet is to have a mechanic inspect your vehicle’s instrument panel.

Symptoms of Instrument Cluster Problems

  • Gauges not operating, but the clock works, or intermittent gauge issues (e.g. indicator lamps flash and gauges go to zero while signaling a turn)
  • Odometer doesn't work or gets stuck in one mode (e.g. trip)
  • Odometer is dark, missing digits or reads "error"
  • Speedometer seems to indicate speeds significantly higher or lower than actual speed
  • Any dashes in the display where numbers or other characters are expected
  • Burning smell or smoke emitted by the instrument panel

As with many other automobile parts, it is possible to buy replacement instrument cluster parts to repair your vehicle on your own. Be sure to confirm with the seller that the products you are purchasing match your exact make and model.

Also, though it is tempting to leave instrument cluster issues unresolved, don't forget that in some vehicles, a malfunctioning instrument cluster will result in problems for other aspects of your automobile's systems.