About HICLASS Electronics

Today's automobiles have more bells and whistles than ever - making it even more challenging to fix a problem when it arises. Here at HICLASS Electronics, a GTA based company, our expert technicians have cutting-edge tools to diagnose your vehicle and get right to the source of any electronic malfunction you may experience. And, for your convenience, our services are mobile: we come to your home or workplace, according to your schedule.

Our Services
SRS Control

The SRS system is composed of highly complex systems with a number of components that require exact replacement and testing procedures.

PCM Control

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) monitors and controls the speed control, charging, A/C, and automatic transmission.

Body Electronics

The BCM controls virtually EVERY electrical function on the vehicle and problems within the BCM (or its associated fuse box) will cause mis-operation of vehicle electrical functions.

Car Diagnostic

We have full access to the necessary information and tools to accurately repair, service and electronics re-program for all today's vehicles.

Digital Instruments

Usually a Instrumentation Cluster Includes Speedometer, Tachometer, Trip Odometer, Voltmeter, Oil Pressure, Analog Clock, Temperature Gauge And Warning Lights and is a main control panel in the car.